cash-moneyCounterfeit currency has been a reality of everyday life for thousands of years. Throughout human history, forgers and counterfeiters devised a variety of ingenious techniques to exploit the economic need for cash flow and currency. Before the widespread introduction of paper money, counterfeiting mostly involved diluting the precious metal content of coins by mixing in other materials. In the past decades, the rapid development of printing technology and increased access to printers resulted in a surge of document forgery and counterfeit money production.

One such form of forgery is bleaching money. Using this procedure, counterfeiters hope to deceive people by using small bills, as for instance one-dollar bills, bleaching off the printing, and re-printing the currency paper with larger ones such as fifty or hundred dollar bills.

Forgeries can range from the crude to the sophisticated. The good news is that they are detectable by the use of anti-counterfeiting innovations. These new technologies, however, can only be effective if businesses have the right type of tools and machines to capitalize on using these security measures. Most counterfeit detectors belong in one of the following three major technologies.


Counterfeit detector pens are low-cost, easy to use, and highly portable. These attributes make them attainable to a large segment of the population such as private persons and small business owners. These pens can detect fake paper bills by a simple process of marking the bill. If the pen leaves clear or light brown marks, they are genuine, but if the mark turns black or dark brown, the bills are forgeries. While these pens will not help you in recognizing forged documents, they are quite effective in what they are designed to do, detecting counterfeit currency. They are considerably more affordable than large, electronic machines, they are quick in providing results, and they can be used wherever your business takes you.

Ultra Violet (UV) Devices

20_USD_in_UV_lightFor some businesses, using a counterfeit detector pen is simply not enough either due the volume of currency handled, or due the need for a secure solution for detecting forged documents. Counterfeit detectors that use UV technology are able to provide users with a clear verification method for both documents and paper bills.

Most of these devices are portable but are usually battery powered or require access to electricity. As UV devices use fluorescent light to make security threads woven into the paper visible to the human eye, it is important to select a machine that also provides protection from direct UV light exposure. Any type of counterfeit money detection tool for your business is a must. Make sure to get the highest quality counterfeit detectors at iTestCash.